Mohamed Hage – Startupfest 2014

Future of Food: Fresh, Local & Responsible

When Mohamed Hage pitched his idea to developers seven years ago, they said it couldn’t be done. But technical advances, automation, and the marriage of urban integration and business savvy have proven them wrong.

Today, with two commercial rooftop greenhouses completed and another in the works for the greater Montreal area, Lufa founder Mohamed Hage is pioneering a new kind of high-tech urban agriculture that brings green approaches, automation, sensors, and hyper-local logistics to the downtown core.

Join Mo for a first-hand look at the latest in greenhouse tech: Lufa Farms’ 43,000-square-foot farm in Laval, where 22 varieties of heirloom and gourmet tomatoes thrive. Using a live video hookup to Greenhouse Director and Founding Member, Lauren Rathmell, we’ll look at how plants grow and how they thrive in a high-tech environment free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.