Michael Chasen and Ondi Timoner – Startupfest 2013

Michael Chasen – SocialRadar
Ondi Timoner – A Total Disruption

A Conversation with Michael Chasen

Fifteen years ago, Blackboard broke from the pack of learning management platforms and became the dominant force in how educational establishments manage everything from administration, to e-learning, to student coaching. Today, the company that Michael Chasen co-founded and led is deployed in over 10,000 universities in 60 countries, and the platform generates $500M in revenues each year. In 2011, Blackboard was acquired by an investor group for $1.64B. Chasen has since moved forward to found SocialRadar, an application which aggregates social networking data, gleaned across all platforms, processing the information to create a mobile location services platform that allows users to instantly discover the people and connections surrounding them.

Ondi Timoner is a two-time Sundance-winning filmmaker. Through her A TOTAL DISRUPTION portal, she’s chronicling the fundamental disruptions that the Internet is triggering across entire industries and talking candidly with the visionaries and founders who are fundamentally changing the way we live, love, work, and play.

Join Ondi and Michael for an intimate look at how education and learning are forever altered in a connected, always-on society.

Filmed at the International Startup Festival 2013 in Montréal