Mark MacLeod, Sundeep Peechu and Andrew D’Souza – Startupfest 2013

Mark MacLeod – FreshBooks
Sundeep Peechu – Felicis Ventures
Andrew D’Souza – Top Hat

Build a Billion Dollar Company Anywhere

In today’s globally connected World, Silicon Valley is losing its monopoly on the creation of tech giants. Rovio (Finland) & Skype (Estonia) are just two of many companies that are building market-leading giants outside the Valley.

Join FreshBooks & Top Hat (two of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing startups) and Felicis Ventures ( a fund focused on finding the best investments across the Globe) for a wide-ranging discussion of how to build a tech giant outside the Valley.

Filmed at the International Startup Festival 2013 in Montréal

Produced by: Rachel and Michel