Dulcie Madden and Jen van der Meer – Startupfest 2013

Dulcie Madden – Rest Devices
and Jen van der Meer – Luminary Labs

Disrupting the self: Lifelogging, wearable computing, and society – Social networks get bigger. Sensors get smaller. Together, these two things let us track our lives. We collect data both actively (places we check in, quips we tweet, foods we consume, miles we run) and passively (heart rate, asthma inhaler use, sleep patterns.) However you look at it, the move to quantify the self is big news—and big business. But how are today’s innovators framing the Quantified Self discussion? How can our species benefit from all of these sensors, and the predictions that analytics can offer?

In this session, we’ll take a step back from the details and look at why lifelogging and wearable computing is such a polarizing topic, exciting some and terrifying others. We’ll learn how people are using this technology to understand their bodies and minds. We’ll discover the connection between technology and mindfulness, and how persuasive technology can generate behavioural outcomes. Ultimately, we’ll explore the role of lifelogging as a force for the common good—provided we have the right framework and a moral compass to steer us towards this lofty goal.

Filmed at the International Startup Festival 2013 in Montréal

Produced by: Rachel and Michel