Startup World Championships Winners

Here are the champions for 20 of the top startup cities! They will represent their respective cities of origin at Startupfest in Montreal.

Ati Motors

Bangalore, India

“Bangalore is well known for software startups but we are an indicator of the multi-disciplinary startup that can be built in this ecosystem. Bangalore has an excellent base of aerospace and automotive manufacturing, electronics and power electronics but startups have not traditionally leveraged these capabilities and they remain siloed. We represent the full potential of what Bangalore offers. All the founders have been in Bangalore for most of their lives, seen it evolve, love the city and worked in or started multiple exciting startups over these years. We are proud of our city and would make our city proud.”

YiTong Farm

Shanghai, China

“We develop not only perfect products or great services; we develop value to the world with outstanding social responsibility.”

Beijing Jian Niu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Beijing, China

“At present, our products have been sample tested with Chinese internet car manufacturers such as Haima Motors and Weilai Automobile. We have 5 patented technologies. Through our products and technologies, we can reduce the energy consumption of new energy vehicles and increase the mileage of future vehicles. The market has great potential.”



“We were named in the Top 10 Finalists and Winner of the Nordic Frugal Innovation Summit, Innofrugal, in May 2018 in Finland and invited to pitch with the finalists in the Annual Conference of the European Business Angel Network in Bulgaria.
We’re tackling a problem that is terribly painful, as more than 95% of the world’s population breathe unsafe air and the burden is falling hardest on the poorest communities, with the gap between the most polluted and least polluted countries rising rapidly.

Otorize Limited

Tel-Aviv, Israel

“We are the first proven solution for preventing impaired driving and thus will be saving lives.”


London, England

“We’re focusing on changing the way that people explore the cities that they live in, starting with London. It’s our vision, to make it as easy as possible for small businesses to thrive, and for people to shop, eat, drink and support small business. Using machine learning, we’ve been able to accurately match together people and places, as well as use data to create predictive models beneficial to both our users and our customers.

We believe that the space we operate in is not only growing, but is ripe for disruption, and by putting personalization at the core of what we do, we believe we have what it takes to be the company that creates a truly seamless experience.”


Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Amsterdam has a growing, vibrant start-up culture thanks to policies and networks that nurture and support innovation and entrepreneurship. Equilo is a direct result of that. As the breadwinner for my family, it was a scary decision to leave my corporate career and pursue my own dream of catalyzing social change through technology. The people network and peer support in Amsterdam enabled me to take that leap, and I’ve never looked back. I’m proud to be co-founder of Equilo where we accelerate gender equality for women all over the world. I would like to be the Champion for my city to bring the spirit of Amsterdam’s encouraging and supportive start-up culture to represent in Montreal at Startupfest. “


Paris, France

“We created one of the few hardware startup in the Paris ecosystem, and we help other new startup every time we can in this city. Because since the beginning we decided to always have open desk on our offices for new Parisian entrepreneurs. Because we are in Paris but work with people in Germany, USA, Canada, making our city, Paris, the center of our world! Because we still keep a small part of our production in the Paris region. Because despite being international, we still do Monday breakfast with croissants et pains au chocolat!”


Vancouver, Canada

“We recently were named a Top 50 tech startup in BC, and we’ve been covered by a variety of media partners. We’re also building partnerships with lots of businesses here in the city. But our primary, driving strength is in our approach to community. We are very focused on building a community of engaged people and allowing them to elegantly share resources. It’s clear from the widespread adoption of the sharing economy that this is the way the world is heading. Finding ways to connect is increasingly a driving factor in the world, and our app solves for that while also allowing people to earn a bit of money back on things they already own.”


Toronto, Canada

“WeavAir changes the way our buildings work by giving them new senses though groundbreaking sensor technologies and predictive algorithms. We secured support from NEXT Canada (team was part of Next36 cohort), Ryerson University, University of Toronto and York University, which became our early investors and partners. We were recognized as IoT/WT Innovation World Cup finalists and the Most Innovative startup by SAP. We are working with SAP Startup Focus to secure and scale our analytics platform. We were also MIT Clean Energy finalists and winners of 3 startup competitions. The team recently returned from a trip to Taiwan, where we have developed pilot partnerships and manufacturing partnerships. We also secured partnerships in Belgium (Smart City Antwerp), Israel (Haifa) and US (Boston, Portland, Louisville) for product pilots. WeavAir secured support of DFZ, which provides tools and equipment to support R&D, sensor module prototyping and iteration. We partnered with B&P though their startup program to ensure device IP in our sensors and algorithms. We are looking to share our experience with other founders, find investors and positively contribute to the startup community at the event.”

Boom Fantasy

New York City, USA

“We’re going to be a pretty big deal. We already have massive traction (net revenue up 9x year-over-year, named Best Fantasy Sports App of 2017 by eGaming Review) and have the drive to do something massive.”


Boston, USA

“SurgiBox transformed from a private project intended to build something a few of us doctors needed to a real company because insightful folks around the world, including members of our advisory team, gathered in Boston to launch the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, which noted for the first time that surgically-addressable conditions kill more people globally than HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria combined. This transformed global surgery into a leading priority in global development. SurgiBox benefited tremendously from being in the epicenter of this initiative. We have been recognized both locally (e.g. as a winner of Harvard President’s Challenge, current shortlist for MassChallenge) and internationally (e.g. as a London Design Museum selection for the Beazley Design of the Year exhibit, WSJ, WHO) as a leapfrog technological platform. Through it all, we have stayed true to our no-nonsense Boston roots: keep patients first, show us the data, focus on the real. SurgiBox is the ultimate Boston Champion as a product of its world-class medical and engineering institutions, fruit of one of its signature contributions to humanity, and a team used to the world stage.”


Los Angeles, USA

“We have offices in Los Angeles and St. Louis, but will be a platform company in Los Angeles as we are not only disrupting a 900B market, but will create more jobs than most companies in LA in the next 2-years.”



“There is a very big challenge in the Material industry in selecting, ordering and purchasing the right materials with certain properties. Also, the suppliers have a big issue in presenting their materials to the buyers.

Therefore, we decided to develop “Comaterial” which is a company to help the engineers to select their desired properties online. Then Comaterial recommends them on some selected materials which can be even pre-tested for the accuracy of the properties. Subsequently, an innovative bidding and analyzing platform gives the buyers the ability to graphically and precisely compare a variety of materials and their properties and to narrow down the materials to find the best one.”

ClearStream Technologies

Austin, USA

“We understand Steve Blank’s market validation, and customer development very well. We have done startups before and we are experts of medical video delivery, compression, analysis and artificial intelligence. We have an amazing team of business savvy people and technologists who have defined a clear market problem, how to solve it and how to make money. Founder Raghu Kopalle won Steve Case’s “Rise of the Rest” competition back in 2016 with his previous company, Innobright Technologies. More recently, ClearStream won the NSF I-corps site grant for University of New Mexico, was the creative startups business cup challenge finalist for the US, and a semifinalist at the US China Innovation Alliance startup competition in Houston, May 2018, which secured us a free trip to China to present to local investors in Oct/Nov 2018. Video is everywhere, taking up 75% of internet bandwidth today. We have 2 issued patents and 1 pending patent on our technology, which enables us to do “fine tuning” of encoding with multiple user constraints to provide the best quality of experience for low bandwidth users.”


Chicago, USA

“Noirefy is the startup champion for Chicago because I built this company from the ground up with $25 and a dream. Since launching in 2016 we have built a candidate pipeline of over 20,000 candidates, partnered with over 25 companies and have been consistently ranked as one of Chicago’s top startups to look out for over the last two years. In addition to consistently being listed as one of Chicago’s top ideas, we have consistently shown product market fit and the ability to scale tremendously fast with the right resources and funding. “


Silicon Valley, USA

“We have a low cost, high impact solution. We want to democratize access to healthcare by providing initial screening, and prevent unnecessary diabetes caused blindness.
This would have a large impact on low resource communities that do not have access to specialists and opthamologists, or where they are overbooked.

Patients can get checked at local clinics or at home. Our product provides a seamless experience for patients at the point of care, receiving an instant diagnosis, and referring high-risk patients for further medical evaluation.”