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Jason Bailey

Founder & PrincipalGrowLab

Jason Bailey is the poster child for ADHD. After being kicked out of several schools and fired from numerous jobs, he was forced to become an entrepreneur. Success followed in spurts, the largest of which was Super Rewards, the monetization platform that powered social games and made virtual goods a viable business model. As founder and CEO, Bailey bootstrapped the platform from accidental idea to profitability to a massive exit, all in 18 months. This was despite having the lamest name in the history of the web. Only being called could have been lamer.

Bailey is now CEO and founder of East Side Games, a fiercely independent leader in the mobile and social games. He is also a founder of Growlab, a pioneering Canadian technology start up accelerator. Follow him on twitter or grindr as @YVRjason or @chickenhole

His latest project, LDRLY, just garnered him a spot on the GI30, the gaming industry list of the 30 people most likely to have a massive impact over the next 12 months.