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Gary A. Pudles

President and CEO AnswerNet

Gary A. Pudles is a “serial entrepreneur” who focuses on helping business people and organizations have more fun in business by executing better and being more profitable. He is actively realizing this goal by teaching and supporting entrepreneurship at many levels and by owning and operating multiple technology and service businesses that help other companies run better. He is the co-owner and CEO of AnswerNet, and the co-founder of both Splendtastic and He is a winner of the SmartCEO Best Run Companies award for 2012 and the prestigious “”Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year”” for business service providers. He teaches Entrepreneurship at the University Of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School Of Business and is a regular participant in Startup Camp and the International Startup Festival.

Pudles welcomes the opportunity to share his expertise with other entrepreneurs. Pudles’ philosophy is that every business, seminar, class or consultation in which he is involved must be with the intent of helping companies run their businesses more efficiently and profitably, but in the way they want to, not by forcing them into a predetermined template; but by replicating proven processes and adding that custom twist unique to their needs.

AnswerNet and Splendtastic are examples of this philosophy in action. Both are horizontal in structure with a broad application to the needs of virtually any business or industry. The software applications and call center programs they provide are designed to solve real business problems for businesses that are lacking in IT or contact center people and infrastructure, or that would prefer to outsource these services to – often seamlessly integrating with the internal structures of the client. was born out of that same place, but with a focus on the transportation industry, at least for the short term.