It pays to pitch at Startupfest- literally.

Attend this year’s edition of Startupfest (July 12th to 15th) and you’ll walk away with some seriously tangible ways to help boost your business (or business to be) forward.

You’ll soak up some of the first-rate brain power surging from the roster of world class speakers set to hit the stage. Your fingers will get a workout typing up all the new contacts you’ll meet into your phone. But, nothing can get your own startup to the next level like, well, you know, money. And Startupfest is awash in it.

So how do you get your hands on some of the riches? Easy, get your pitch on.

All you need is a honed presentation, a little moxie and a comfortable pair of shoes to get you to all the pitch opportunities at this year’s Startupfest.

So, are you ready to take full advantage of the game changing pitch opportunities (and prize money) up for grabs at this year’s Fest? Good, we thought so. From a group of investing granny gurus to the big payout (that’s an understatement), here’s a pitch primer to get you started:


  1. Best Onstage Pitch

Nothing opens an investor’s cheque book faster than a winning pitch. The Best Onstage Pitch event is where a select group of 7 startups vie for a panel of expert’s attention – and money – on the festival’s biggest platform.

This golden opportunity starts now! Applications to participate in the Best Onstage Pitch are now open! APPLY TODAY.  


  1. Grandmother’s Choice Award

You’ve never seen Nonas like this before. They’ll forever shelve any stereotype you had of seniors being Matlock obsessed, crochet loving folks quietly heading into their golden years.

This group of granny judges are wicked smart, shrewd investors with a BS radar finely honed from decades of seeing it all. Even though it’s a non cash prize, the Grandmother’s Choice Award has quickly become one of Startupfest’s most beloved, and coveted, pitch events.

And when it comes to judging pitches to date, these Grandmother’s have an impressive batting average. In previous editions of Startupfest they’ve picked as winners Onavo (acquired by Facebook for a cool $150 million) and custom-earphone maker Revols (recently raised $2.5 million in Kickstarter preorders).

Think you have what it takes to face this panel of skilled silver haired investors?

They’ll be waiting to hear (and applaud or rip part) any pitch at the grandmothers’ judging tent in Startupfest’s Tent Village July 14th, and 15th from 12-5pm.


  1. The Investment Prize

Imagine what $100,000 could do for your business. Done dreaming? Great, now start thinking about how you can actually bag Startupfest’s biggest payout – The Investment Prize.

Open to any startup in attendance (no need to apply for this prize either), all you have to do is convince the judges (with your killer pitch of course) that you’re worth the money. One startup may walk away with all of it, or two may split it, it’s up to the judges to decide.

Here’s how it works:

  • Track down any of the Investor Judges in the $200k Prize tent in the Tent Village and tell/sell them your pitch. They’ll be there Thursday, July 14th, from Noon-5pm, and wearing a judge badge (hint: you can also see the list of them here).
  • Each judge will shortlist one startup by end of day Thursday.
  • Shortlisted startups will be contacted and invited to a private breakfast Friday morning where they’ll pitch to the entire group of investors.
  • The winner(s) will be selected, and announced at the Friday afternoon ceremonies.


These are just three of the infinite possibilities to pitch your business at Startupfest. Don’t forget that top venture funds and accelerators (500 Startups, Techstars, FounderFuel, to name just a few) want to hear what you’ve got to say in the Tent Village.

So get into a startup state of mind, and sharpen that pitch of yours in time for this year’s Startupfest. Trust us, it pays to do so.