Open House Day

Startupfest’s Open House Day is back- and we’re keeping things simple.

While our site will host HackerFest and AIFest Open House simultaneously, our spectacular venue will be open to the general public. Stop by with your kids, the future entrepreneurs and coders to enjoy activities.

We’re taking this opportunity to stock it full of outstanding startups at our demo tables so make sure to stop by!

Learn how to get to the Startupfest venue.

Demo Tables are perfect for launching your product, and showing off your technology in a prime location.

Our demo tables are for startup demos, not trade show booths. Our audience changes on Saturday from the niche startup crowd, to the general public. If this is your target demographic, or maybe you just want some feedback- this is the place for you.

Kids Code Jeunesse is connecting with the next generation of innovators to inspire and empower your children with code!

Join Kids Code Jeunesse at Startupfest Open House Day to take part in table top activities where the curious kids will get to experiment, code and play with the micro:bit. The KCJ will showcase fun micro:bit activities and broadly explain how the  micro:bit works at their table.

What is the micro:bit? The micro:bit is a small codable microcomputer. From dancing robots to Rock Paper Scissors, the micro:bit has all the features you need to code awesome stuff – the possibilities are endless!

There will be computers and micro:bits available for kids to try their hand at coding for about with a mentor. Once their code is completed, they will be able to leave with a free micro:bit!

AIFest Open House is AI for everyone

AIFest is a deep dive into the world of AI, how AI can influence your startup, and what you need to think about as you design your systems. AIFest Open House is a more accessible look into the world of AI, and how AI affects us all.

Make sure not to miss this event that’ll open your startup to endless enriching possibilities in Canada’s largest AI Hub!

Want to know more about AIFest? Click here

Come watch developers, designers, inventors and all-around creators during their 24-hour, outdoor, multi-topic, innovation marathon!

Hackerfest partners bring a variety of topics and themes to the table, ranging from Poetry to Brain Control for participants to test and challenge their skills.
Each participant will be equipped and has access to the latest hardware, APIs, and support from key players in the industry.