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Element AI and Radio-Canada’s AI Challenge

Fake news: it’s insidious, it’s widespread and it’s dangerous. Beyond feeding us the latest outrageous news about our favourite celebrities, fake news plays a pivotal role in our global politics and understanding of the world. In fact, in 2016, fake news related to US politics accounted for 10.6 million of the 21.5 million total Facebook shares for the year. And let’s face it, fake news shows no signs of slowing down.

As key members of the tech and AI community, Element AI believes we can all be part of the solution. And Radio-Canada thinks  that fighting fake news is necessary to ensure a proper functioning democracy and the production of true quality content.

So we’re throwing you a challenge: present a plan or create a prototype leveraging AI to solve fake news. But don’t forget – these solutions all have important societal and technological impacts that need to be carefully considered.

Up for grabs?

  • 1 hour spent with Yoshua Bengio, co-founder of Element AI and deep learning pioneer

  • 6 months of office space at Radio-Canada

  • Access to Radio-Canada’s data

  • Access to internal expertise at Radio-Canada

So how are you going to make the world a better, more transparent and informed place?!

Judging criteria:



Technical approach: Use of open-source models and libraries

Bonus point for a solution that isn’t dependent on a specific language or topic.

Guiding questions:

What is the solution going to look like?

How does it solve the issue of fake news?

What data source is the solution working with?

Would the solution be used by individuals or by media firms?

How would an end user interact with it?

What safeguards would be included as to not pervert its function?

Participants must apply to participate in challenge with Element AI AND be registered for Startupfest.