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And the 9 $80k Investment Prize finalists are…

So you’re probably wondering why our Big Investment Prize is $80k instead of $70k all of a sudden…well one of the advisors from our Expert Judging Panel, Alexandre Taillefer, was so impressed with the innovation and energy at Startupfest that he decided to pitch in $10k to become one of the Investor Judges!

After an entire day of listening to pitches, Alexandre Taillefer, Phil Telio, Daniel Knafo, Rory Olson, Howard Stotland, Jamie O’Hara, David Chamandy, Trevor Stuart, Chris Shipley, Chris Arsenault, Steven Abrams and Severine Labelle selected the 9 lucky startups eligible for our $80k Investment Prize!

The 3 finalists…and our BIG WINNER (!!) will be announced at our closing remarks tonight at 16h30 so stay tuned!

Here are the 9 finalists:








Congrats to the finalists! Learn more about our
prize and entrepreneur-friendly convertible debenture.