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5 ways to attend Startupfest for (practically) FREE

  1. Apply to Pitch Onstage

Applications close May 22 to pitch on our Keynote stage, #CannabisFest, #AIFest, or Startupfest Version Française. Apply now and secure your spot onstage AND a free pass to the event.

Bonus tip: By applying for Best Onstage Pitch, you’re automatically entered to win the Ultimate Startupfest Experience, courtesy of SKYY Canada. Free flights for 2, accommodation, onsite perks, and more. APPLY NOW!


  1. The Patron Program (Starving Startup Ticket)

The old favorite is back. We know startups can be strapped for cash. If your startup is less than 2 years old, and hasn’t raised over $250k, you’re eligible for a pass. Apply here for a patroned ticket ticket. (These are made possible thanks to our generous patrons!)



We’ve got a big event, with a lot of moving parts, and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of our outstanding volunteers! From registration, to logistics, social support and more, we need a roster of volunteers every summer. You’ll receive a free pass to the event in exchange for 10 hours of you time. Apply now.


  1. The Inclusion Initiative

Are you part of an underrepresented group in entrepreneurship? We’re giving away 1000 $50 tickets thanks to your generous partners at BDC Capital, and Intuit Canada. The $50 pass is simply a commitment fee to ensure you’re attending, since there’s only 1000 tickets available. Apply today!


  1. Startup World Championships

We’re flying in 1 startup from each of the 20 top startup cities from around the globe! From Toronto, to Vancouver, Sydney to Singapore, check the list and apply today for roundtrip airfare and an all-access pass to the event.