New York Roadtrip

Hey New York!

Startupfest, Canada’s leading startup event (and one of the world’s MUST ATTEND events for startups) has a bus coming from NYC up to the Festival in Montreal, the iconic festival city.

Why Montreal?
This year alone, Montreal has been home to the largest series A of any AI company in history (Element AI), led Canada with the most VC dollars invested (raising over $800 million USD), and Montreal based Lightspeed closed the largest venture-financing deal in Canadian history. And this is just the Montreal-based companies… As Canada’s largest startup event, we bring in companies from the top accelerators and startup communities from around the globe.

Montreal’s new status as an AI capital- introducing #AIFest presented by ElementAI
In 2017, Startupfest teamed up with ElementAI to create #AIFest, a premium event which explores the future of AI and its impact on society and business. The event brings together the brightest minds from the startup and AI worlds to share perspectives on artificial intelligence trends, predictions and issues, featuring Jana Eggers (Nara Logics, Inc.), Jean-Francois Gagne (ElementAI), Elizabeth Gore (Alice), and more.

What’s in it for me?
Startups: Over $750k worth of prizes and investments up for grabs. Read about the opportunities here.
Investors: We curate opportunities specifically for you. Read about them here.

Roadtrip details
The bus departs from New York, the morning of Wednesday, July 11th and returns to New York the evening of Friday, July 13th. Check out hotel and lodging options here.

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(Ticket includes round trip bus travel + festival pass)