FundFest is…

a 2016 special edition of the BDC FUNDamental Principals events that will be hosted at Startupfest. FundFest will bring together over 100 fund managers and investors from across Canada and abroad to discuss the hot topic of fundraising. Industry experts share best practices with attendees who can learn from leaders in the space and network with peers, in a unique blend of deep content, inspiring stories, and festival vibe.

Some participants:

Robert Simon – Managing Partner, BDC IT Venture Fund
Senia Rapisarda – Principal, HarbourVest Partners
Sanjay Singhal – Venture Partner, 500 Startups
Neha Khera – Venture Partner, 500 Startups Canada
Stephane Rainville – CTO, Lune Rouge Innovation
Michelle McBane – Partner, LifeWise Ventures
David Rozin – National Director, Segment Strategy, RBC
Lauren Robinson – Global Operations Director,
Jerel Davis – Managing Director, Versant Ventures
David Bookbinder – Managing Partner, Tandem Expansion
Chris Arsenault – Managing Partner, iNovia Capital
Charles Morand – Associate Director, Strategic Investments, BDC Capital
Allen Manser – Principal, Mantech Activities
Robert McNeil – Managing Director, Sanderling Ventures
Robert Simon – Managing Partner, BDC IT Venture Fund
Alain Denis – Senior Vice President, Fonds de solidarité FTQ
Claude Vachet – Managing Director, Cycle Capital
Todd Tessier – Principal & CFO, Vanedge Capital Partners
Matthew Leibowitz – Partner, Plaza Ventures
Stephen Osmond – Vice President Finance, Real Ventures
Eric Lemieux – Associé principal, M2S Capital
Jeremy Gilman – Principal, McRock Capital
Mike Satterfield – Partner, Yaletown Partners Inc.
Andrew Black – Founder & CEO, BrandProject
Karen Kastner – Vice President, Office of the President & Government, Business Development Bank of Canada
Patrick Keefe – Partner, Build Ventures
Jay Ferst – Managing Partner, Ferst Capital Partners
Dominique Ferst – Managing Partner, Ferst Capital Partners
Nicolas Gravel – Director, BDC Capital
Fraser Hall – Partner, Vancouver Founder Fund
Jay Rhind – Associate, Vancouver Founder Fund
Hugo Belisle – Analyst, BDC Capital
Joel McInnis – Fund Investments, BDC Capital
Matt Golden – Managing Partner, Golden Venture Partners
Dominique Bélanger – Managing Director, BDC Capital
Alex Fried – Senior Analyst, BDC Capital
Alison Nankivell – Vice President, Funds and Co-Investments, BDC
Phil Anzarut – Partner, Co-Investments, BDC
Charles Cazabon – Managing Partner, Co-Investments, BDC
Victor Scutaru – Director, Fund of Funds, BDC Capital
Tim April – Managing Director, BDC
Maria Pacella – Managing Director, Shoreline
Rob Taylor – Managing Director, Shoreline
Alex Baker – Partner, Relay Ventures
Manica Gautam – Partner, Campfire Capital


Time Session Title Speaker(s)
10:00 AM Welcome!
10:15 AM An LP Perspective on Venture Capital as an Asset Class Panel of different kinds of institutional LPs sharing their views on investment allocations and how VC fits into the investment spectrum.
11:15 AM Q&A Ask questions to the panel of speakers who did the previous talk!
12:15 to 2:00 PM LUNCH Thanks to TWG!
2:00 PM Working with Placement Agents How can VC funds work with placement agents? Experienced San Francisco-based agent Denning & Company share their views.
3:10 PM Fundraising War Stories Experienced GP shares their fundraising stories, good and bad, after 11 successful fundraises.
4:15 PM Closing Remarks!
4:30 PM Special Chain Reaction Panel: The startup life cycle In this unique one-on-one interview format, we'll hear from a successful founder, an angel, an accelerator, and an LP—all interviewing one another to answer the big questions: What's it like, what have you learned, how can we all work together/collaborate, and what would you change?