Rob Coneybeer – Startupfest 2014

Why Dungeons & Dragons (not Science Fiction) Predicts Our Future

As the Internet of Things becomes the Internet of Everything, we’re entering a world where every object becomes an enchanted object. With the advent of essentially free computation, memory, and wireless technology, Internet connectivity will be woven into everything valuable enough to be bought, sold, or stolen. People who write code are the sorcerers of tomorrow.

Humanity’s future as a spacefaring species isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Fundamental physical constraints are held back by advances in energy technology that increase at only 3-5% per year, versus the 18-month doubling in electronics due to Moore’s Law. Together with advances in biotechnology, and virtual reality headsets that (literally) make your head spin, our future technology of the next 100 years is going to follow a virtual and literal path of Dungeons and Dragons, not spaceflight.

A world of enchanted objects is already arriving – thermostats that program themselves, phones that retrieve and display information based on voice commands, cars and planes that drive themselves – all of these things impact every part of our lives. As an experienced early stage investor in successful Internet of Things companies like Nest and Mocana, Rob plans to share his views about what’s highly predictable about this trend, and how entrepreneurs can capitalize on it.