Mona Vernon – Startupfest 2014

Using big data to crack open B2B markets

Techcrunch’s Alex Williams once said, « While the enterprise can be as boring as hell, the whole goddamn thing is paved with gold. » But how should an aspiring young startup crack open business-to-business markets that are insular, uncomfortable with experimentation, and intolerant of the kind of rapid iteration that fuels innovation?

As it turns out, there are plenty of ways for start ups to innovate in the business to business space, and many of them come from the world of Big Data. In this session, Thomson Reuters’ Mona Vernon will look at how organizations of all sizes can leverage abundant data to transform markets. You’ll learn:

– how big companies innovate
– why working with large corporations is different than selling directly to the consumers
– The advantages of working with large companies to solve their Big Data challenges

If you’re a B2B-focused startup, you can’t afford to miss this session.