Mark Bruneau – Startupfest 2014

Selling Intangibles—Wins and Sins

1. What the Hell does “Intangible” mean?
• Value/outcomes that must be imagined & inferred
• Active listening – summarize, clarify, condense
• Show interest and distill clarity
• Use incisive and vivid language to visualize processes and outcomes
• Make the intangible tangible

2. Building Scaleable Businesses that Sell Air?
• “When your work speaks for itself – don’t interrupt”
• Build relationships with candor and friendship
• CEOs are lonely, share their pain
• Be visible: publish, speak
• Whatever your produce or sell – YOU ARE IN THE SERVICE BUSINESS

3. Services Start-Ups Wins & Sins
• Low to zero capital required
• Secure demand always ahead of committing to supply
• Start with well-networked home-based stringers for rapid and agile deployment
• Demystify your methodology, no black boxes – invite mid-level client staff to
• Keep staff utilization over 80%
• Maintain margins over 40% with low fixed costs your training events