Margaret Dawson – Startupfest 2014

Why digital handshakes will never replace the real thing

The human species connects virtually trillions of times a day. We’re rushing to colonize a second, online world, one we share with colleagues, family, friends, and complete strangers.
Yet this inexorable move to digital connectivity hasn’t removed our very real need to connect face-to-face. We travel around the globe to share a meal; we fly across a continent to cement a business relationship with a handshake. We take in conference speakers at events rather than on the screens of our computers.
Industries have recognized this. Proponents of teleworking are calling their employees back to the office, realizing that there’s simply no substitute for physical presence.
What does this mean for startups? In this break-out session building on her keynote talk, join Margaret Dawson and look at why the killer app for our digital era may just be human contact.