Harley Finkelstein, Fabian Pfortmüller and Ethan Song – Startupfest 2013

Harley Finkelstein – Shopify
Fabian Pfortmüller – Holstee
Ethan Song – Frank & Oak

Distributed, Disrupted, and Democratic— The Retail Revolution

E-commerce was supposed to transform retailing; it turns out it was the tip of the iceberg. From ubiquitous credit-cards, to online wallets, to the eye-opening simplicity of the Apple Store, to the tablets that are replacing cash registers, retail is undergoing a massive shift. In the back office, software is replacing processes; out front, it’s quickly becoming the default channel. Creators and curators can sell direct-to-consumer, using powerful tools that weren’t available to anyone just a few short years ago.

Along with these changes are fundamental shifts in consumer expectations, who want to buy what, where, and how they want—putting traditional retailers on notice that they can no longer rest on their laurels. The future of retail is distributed, disrupted, and democratic—and it’s the subject of this high-powered session. Join Shopify CPO Harley Finkelstein; Frank & Oak founder Ethan Song, and Holstee founder Fabian Pfortmüeller for this glimpse into the future of retailing.

Filmed at the International Startup Festival 2013 in Montréal