David Segal & Alistair Croll – Startupfest 2015

« Getting new management without losing your soul »
For many companies, there comes a time when you need to bring on a new team. Early on, business is about hustle, finding the right product for the right market. But later, it’s about having the processes and best practices that let you scale quarter over quarter.
How do you retain the soul and vision of the company while bringing on the professional leadership that can help you grow? How do you balance the sustaining innovation that investors demand, with the proximity to customers that lets you adapt? And how do you structure the workforce and your operations in a way that helps you execute better without sacrificing the entrepreneurial hustle that got you there in the first place?
In this one-on-one discussion, Startupfest content chair Alistair Croll will explore these questions and more with David’s Tea founder David Segal.