Dave McClure, Sam Teller, Renee DiResta, Roger Chabra, Senia Rapisarda – Startupfest 2013

Dave McClure – 500 Startups
Sam Teller from Launchpad LA
Renee DiResta – O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures
Roger Chabra – Rho Canada Ventures
Senia Rapisarda – BDC

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Startups have always been backed by a complex dance of angels, incubators, accelerators, and big funds. Lately, that dance has become a veritable mosh pit of innovation, competition, and cooperation as the disruptive forces of cloud computing, mobility, app stores, social media, and SaaS rewrite the rules. Join this panel discussion for a look at how the funding ecosystem is changing its tune.

Filmed at the International Startup Festival 2013 in Montréal