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The $70K Investment prize winner and runner ups are…

The BIG WINNER is…, founded by serial entrepreneur, mentor and investor, Jason Bailey, provides a game leader board that increases player engagement while generating revenue for independent game developers. Watch his acceptance speech below:

And our two runner ups:


Snoobe is a patent-pending platform that combines the practicality of a smartphone app with the strength of a powerful comparison, recommendation and lead management engine. For smartphone owners, Snoobe is a free and intuitive cost-saving tool that analyses the user’s actual wireless consumption directly from the smartphone and compare hundreds of competitive plans from numerous suppliers. It allows Snoobe users to make better-informed decisions about their wireless subscriptions.

Their mission is to get you to pay less for your mobile plan. They really are the Robin Hoods of mobile!


Breathalyzers have always been the same… Until now! Sobersmart is a unique and intelligent breathalyzer that takes care of you, or your children, if the Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) reading is elevated. It uses the « smart » in smartphone to give you a variety of options to return home safely.

Sobersmart combines a tiny, wireless, portable and rechargeable breathalyzer with a well-designed and easy to use application. Place the Sobersmart breathalyzer on your car’s key ring and whoever has the car has no more excuses not to make the right decision.

Included with the wireless breathalyzer, or stand alone download, the free Sobersmart app has 3 modes:

PARENTS / KID: In a parent / kid setup, the kids use Sobersmart wherever they are before driving and the parent app gets a notification and a variety of options for their safe return. You can even get your car’s location if you have to pick it up later!

DRIVER: The driver setup is the classic breathalyzer mode. It let you get your blood alcohol level and provide you with alternatives to get back home safely if it’s elevated.

TAXI: Under the TAXI configuration, a taxi driver can get hailed automatically by the Sobersmart app. It can even accept payments straight trough the app, draw funds from the prepaid taxi account and even allows for someone with no money left after a long night, to still get back home safely by having a parent or a friend sponsor a cab ride.