Meilleur Pitch sur Scène

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7 startups du monde entier ont été sélectionnées pour faire leur pitch sur la scène « Keynote » devant une audience composée de médias, d’investisseurs, de conférenciers, et de participants. Les pitchs seront diffusés en direct sur tous les canaux de communication du Startupfest et le gagnant remportera le titre du « Meilleur Pitch sur Scène ».

Les Startups qui pitcheront

Indig – Saskatoon, SK


Indig Inc is an online marketplace and business platform where Indigenous Artisans can create vendor profiles and sell authentically made goods to a global market.

Founder Heather Abbey is the recipient of the National Startup Canada Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and a proud Cree entrepreneur from Little Pine First Nation in Saskatchewan.

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Indig Inc is the first Indigenous Venture to be accepted into the 2018 Canadian Technology Accelerator Cohort in Cambridge, MA.

The Indig Inc team is pleased to announce that the brand new artisan platform will launch live on the StartupFest Keynote Stage this July!

InVivo AI – Montréal, QC


InVivo AI is combining advances in artificial intelligence with novel insights into the molecular biology of disease to help transform the way medications are developed, optimized, and ultimately brought to patients.

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Our team of machine learning experts, toxicologists, and molecular biologists is using AI to filter out toxic molecules early in the drug discovery process, allowing us to cut the time and money needed to develop novel medications, significantly reduce attrition rates across the drug development pipeline, and have an impact on the well-being of patients everywhere.

SucSeed – St. John’s, NL


SucSeed first sprouted from Enactus Memorial, a solution-minded team dedicated to improving the standard of living at home and across the country. With national and international awards, we took SucSeed from the stage and into the world as its own sustainable social enterprise. We developed a small-scale hydroponic system — a soilless, nutrient-filled plant incubator — to help struggling communities.

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Our hydroponic systems are feeding the future of Canada’s north and fighting food insecurity. Families in northern communities who have dealt with high costs and poor quality food for far too long can now grow their own fresh produce for just 30 cents a day. Everyone has something to gain from SucSeed, and we’re committed to sharing the opportunity with communities near and far. With increasing partnerships and growth, SucSeed is branching outward: we’re educating youth, providing at-risk teens with work experience, and creating horticultural therapy programs for seniors. And everything we do goes back to the community. A portion of all profits work toward eliminating food insecurity in Canada’s north.

SucSeed has brought together community members in over 130 communities across Canada to take control of their food supply. We are helping retirement homes, youth groups, soup kitchens, research ships and local businesses all grow fresh food year round. SucSeed has experienced tremendous growth so far, and we couldn’t have done it alone. We have partnered Woodward Group of Companies, to put our systems in every community in Nunavut. We are working with Tim Hortons to put our systems in every elementary school in Canada. We are a 2018 SheEO Venture, a 2018 Next 36 Venture and a Genesis Centre Client. And this is all just the start! !

Spect – San Fransisco, CA


We have a low cost, high impact solution. We want to democratize access to healthcare by providing initial screening, and prevent unnecessary diabetes caused blindness.

This would have a large impact on low resource communities that do not have access to specialists and opthamologists, or where they are overbooked.

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Patients can get checked at local clinics or at home. Our product provides a seamless experience for patients at the point of care, receiving an instant diagnosis, and referring high-risk patients for further medical evaluation.

ShareSmart – Calgary, AB


ShareSmart is a clinical photography and chat app for healthcare professionals to collaborate securely with each other, in compliance with privacy regulations. Available for Android and iOS devices, ShareSmart is being utilized by over 21,000 healthcare professionals in 71 countries.

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Using the smartphone app, doctors, nurses and other paramedical professionals can collect patient consent, take patient photos, collaborate on a one-on-one or group-basis, organize clinical images and conduct user access assessments.

Liscena – Toronto, ON


Liscena is an AI startup solving a problem that affects every major insurance company and 92% of North American adults: processing auto insurance claims is extremely expensive.

Auto insurance companies spend billions of dollars every year manually processing claims and overpaying fraudulent claims. In 2017 alone these two expenses amounted to over 6 billion dollars just in Canada, and that number is rising. These costs trickle down to drivers, who pay more for auto insurance than any other country on the planet.

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After an accident, our AI acts as an expert claims specialist, cutting days from the claim process, by automating damage appraisal and optimizing the repair process, while identifying fraud and enabling self-serve claim solutions.

We leverage the most cutting-edge computer vision technology to recognize damage on vehicles from user photos, and predict exactly how much a repair will cost, while sending the car to the repair shop most suited to fix it as quickly and effectively as possible.

We’re also growing explosively due to demand. We’re already under final NDA’d discussions with a top 3 insurer nationally to unveil our pilot this summer, with research partnerships across the continent. 5 of our 6 teammates hold esteemed Ai degrees including PhDs and Masters. We were selected as the youngest ever team out of 400 applicants world-wide to lead NextAi’s second cohort.

At Liscena our goal is to advance society toward the future of mobility, something that affects everyone we will meet at Startupfest.

WeavAir – Toronto, ON


HVAC systems represent one of the largest components of building energy usage and carbon emissions. HVAC makes up of more than 51% of building energy use and a lot of this energy consumption is a result of not having accurate real-time measurements.

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Efficient operation of HVAC systems depends on the reliable user and local environment data. However, the availability of such data is still severely lacking. Over 25% of air distribution systems have undiagnosed issues, which often result in costly failures. This failure is often very difficult to predict. Furthermore, our buildings often have serious contamination issues, which are not just affecting the energy efficiency of the buildings, but also our health. There’s an untapped opportunity of innovation. Our vision at WeavAir is to reduce energy consumption and costs of HVAC systems through networked sensor add-ons for the HVAC systems. We use advanced sensors and predictive analytics to help building owners manage the HVAC systems more effectively. Our modules that attach to vents to measure 7 diagnostic metrics streaming wirelessly in real time. WeavAir solution helps building service providers save time and money while improving our health and building energy efficiency.