Best Onstage Pitch Competition: CannabisFest

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5 startups were selected from across the globe to pitch on CannabisFest’s stage in front of top tier media, investors, speakers, and attendees. The winner will take home the title of “Best Onstage Pitch” for CannabisFest.

Pitching Startups



Otorize is the first proven solution for detecting cognitive impairment. It’s a simple yet breakthrough app that can detect cognitive impairment in seconds. It doesn’t use membranes or filters and there is no need for maintenance, it is effective on any substance, be it alcohol, cannabis, drugs, and more.

Blühen Solutions

Blühen is a Montreal-based startup on a mission to make cannabis prescription an accurate science.  Our solution will allow patients with illnesses ranging from chronic pain to epilepsy to accurately dose their medication and track the effects over time.

Flow Filters

Flow is creating the most economic, efficient, and easy to use carbon filters for cultivation and consumer smoking. Carbon filters are an essential product in the cannabis industry. Our vision is to create peace of mind, through solving problems no one knew they had.



Mary is a Toronto-based cannabis hardware startup that creates AI-driven automated growing systems with uncompromising design. The system is built for mainstream consumers who want to grow cannabis with minimal effort and zero negative impact on their living space.

All Day Sunday


All Day Sunday is a sexual wellness company with a specialized focus on women and LGBTQ sexual wellness. We offer condom compatible cannabis-infused vaginal serums and capsules that heighten arousal and sensation. These products can improve the quality and quantity of female orgasm, contribute to vaginal lubrication, ease menstrual cramps and safely enhance the pleasure and comfort of anal sex. Our advanced formulas were created with a scientific understanding that optimizes their potency and ensures purity. Our mission is to help foster intimacy and relationships while mitigating the negative mental health effects that an unfulfilling sex life can have on a person.