HackerFest c’est…

un marathon d’innovation sur plusieurs sujets qui se déroule en plein air, pendant 24 heures, et qui s'adressent aux développeurs, designers, inventeurs et créateurs multidisciplinaires. Les participants pourront bénéficier d'un accès exclusif au matériel le plus moderne, au API et au soutien de leaders de l’industrie. Que vous soyez un débutant ou un expert, cet événement vous présentera un nouveau monde de création.

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NeuroTechMTL Hacknight

Par: NeuroTechX

Come hang out with the NeuroTechMTL community Interface at StartupFest for a 24h sprint of hacking and learn how to build your own Brain-Computer Interface ! Neurotechnology, Biosensors, Virtual Reality and much more on the menu. From serious projects to silly ones, no one will judge your idea! You’ve seen the new Elon Musk endeavour, Neuralink or Bryan Johnson, Kernel? Yeah, well… We’re not gonna work on that, but we’ll sure talk about it!

Come hack with us!


MonBUG summer hackathon

Par: Montreal Bioinformatics User Group

Molecular biology is faced with an avalanche of data.

Few researchers have the skill sets to handle the data, and there is a paucity of commercial software programs to handle the data. During the hackathon, you will be given one dataset on which to apply machine learning techniques. No prior knowledge of machine learning or molecular biology is required. The winners get bragging rights, a MonBUG (Montreal Bioinformatics User Group) t-shirt, and an opportunity to advance scientific knowledge. This year, exceptionally, our sponsor, Streamline Genomics will also be providing a prize. A pass to Startup Fest will be drawn on June 15th amongst the participants that have already registered for the Hackathon..


Par: FormFintech

The FormFintech Hackathon is where teams take research from Montreal’s best universities, and transform this bleeding-edge research into commercial products in just 24 hours! This city is home to amazing research and development, and this process is a core activity in leading innovation. It will be up to our participants to take this to the research to the next level by gathering all the best findings from the endless flow of Fintech research in order to build a research-based startup!

24-hour Bio-Build

Par: Bricobio

Imagine if you can hear, smell, touch and see the microscopic (or nanoscopic) world. During our 24-hour Bio-Build hackathon, we’ll hack with motility of bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms to do just that! We’ll be working on setting up microscopy systems of which we can collect images for making interactive installations. We’ll be designing and testing microfluidic labyrinths through which fungi will move, and we’ll work on visualising cell growth in a comprehensible and appreciable way through data visualisation and artistic interpretations. Due to the biological matter of our hackathon, some of these projects will be started up in advance so be sure to connect with us before!


By: Centre AXEL

The Centre AXEL, affiliated to the Centre de recherche de l’institut universitaire en santé mental de Montréal (CRIUSMM) is an ecosystem that build bridges between technology and mental health by bringing together researchers, clinicians, academic and tech companies. Our goal is to support the development and the integration of new technologies that increase care provisions and to facilitate the access to the population of non-pharmaceutical solutions for mental health issues.


#LegalTech: BCF was created a little over 20 years ago with the overarching goal of furthering entrepreneurship in Quebec. With the launch of Imagine, an exclusive program for innovative startups, we’re looking for the best solutions allowing them to focus on what matters. Come hack with us and design a gamified tool for startups to help them understand their legal needs. Furthermore, that interface would also allow us to measure different KPIs and help track the impact legal services have on their growth potential.

Améliorer l’App Axiona avec PrideHacks pendant Hackerfest

PrideHacks le plus gros hackathon LGBTQ propulsé par Queer Tech MTL, vous invite à collaborer avec Axiona pendant le Hackerfest.

Nous voulons bâtir une équipe avec des personnes qui ont une expérience en rédaction, design graphique, et développement du logiciel (frontend et/ou backend). Les technologies utilisées sont Angular 6 pour le frontend et ExpressJS ainsi que Node.js liés à une base données sur le nuage basée sur MongoDB.

Axiona vous offre la chance unique de supporter le développement d’une application de gestion de projets ainsi que des cas pour les OBNL dans la communauté LGBT.

Pendant Hackerfest, si vous acceptez cette mission, vous allez rehausser le planificateur d’événements, intégrerez une vue de calendrier au tableau de bord et implémentez une stratégie pour les notifications. Vous développerez ainsi le système d’inscription aux événements.

Nous avons hâte de faire équipe avec Axiona et réunir des personnes motivées! Soyez partie de notre histoire et supportez notre communauté.

Les Pitonneux

Les Pitonneux is a non-profit talent incubator for people learning to code. Our LAB12 program is a 12-week un-bootcamp for self-starters. Our program is designed for self-directed learners who want to become proficient in their new-found skill. Some of our LAB12 teams are going to be at Hackerfest, looking for your collaboration to help move their project forward!

otto (A super easy to use browse taxonomy tool to improve the navigation of a website, intranet or CMS)
Tutor Me (Web app to make finding a tutor easier for a student)
Compass (An app to help facilitate the asylum process for refugees)
Prate (Social network of F&B, based around rating individual items)
Paolobot (Building an automated coach that help people on their learning journey given their tech career goal)
Audience-AI (Using AI to convert music into sheet music)
MediQuick (An IoT solution to help reduce waiting times in hospitals)


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