En partenariat avec Catallaxy – CryptoFest rassemblera les principaux joueurs de l’industrie ainsi que certaines entreprises extrêmement prospères dans le but d’explorer la croissance exponentielle que nous pouvons prévoir pour cette forme de monnaie. C’est une journée dédiée à la découverte des crypto-monnaies: les meilleures pratiques, les technologies émergentes, les opportunités d’innovation, les ICO, l’investissement, le minage, et plus encore.


  • Saifedean Ammous


    The Bitcoin Standard

    Amber Scott

    Founder & Chief AML Ninja,

    Outlier Solutions Inc.

  • Alyse Killeen

    Managing Partner,


    Jack Mallers

    Bitcoiner. Developer. Designer. Creator.,


  • Michael Casey

    Senior Advisor,

    Digital Currency Initiative, MIT Media Lab

    Ethan Wilding



  • Leila Najim

    General Manager,

    Satoshi Portal and Bylls

    Jillian Friedman

    Blockchain Lead,

    National Bank of Canada

  • Dan Robinson

    Product Architect,


    Jeremy Clark

    Assistant Professor,

    Concordia University

  • Elizabeth Yin

    General Partner, co-founder,

    Hustle Fund

    Jonathan Bertrand


    D-Central Technologies

  • MC Francis Pouliot



    Brandon Wong

    Lead Software Developer,


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10h00 à 10h10 Welcome Breakdown of the day ahead!
10h10 à 10h30 Bitcoin: How an open-source software project created the most advanced form of money ever What makes for sound money, and could Bitcoin be it? Ammous overviews the various technologies to play the role of money across history and explores what gave these technologies their monetary role, how they lost it, what that teaches us about the desirable features of money, and how Bitcoin is designed to improve on these technologies. Ammous elucidates the economic, social, cultural, and political benefits of sound money over unsound money to allow for an informed discussion of the potential role Bitcoin could play in the digital economy of the future. Rather than as a currency for criminals or a cheap mass consumer payment network, this book argues Bitcoin is emerging as a decentralized, politically neutral, free-market alternative to national central banks, with potentially enormous implications for individual freedom and prosperity.
10h30 à 10h50 How to raise money as a pre-seed crypto startup The crypto landscape is constantly changing. In 2017, it was "easy" to run a public ICO and raise a lot of money. By the Spring of 2018, public ICOs had gone the wayside and altcoins were plummeting in value. In this session, we'll talk about the current state of crypto-fundraising as well as top considerations in structuring a token raise covering everything from legal considerations to "playing mini-Fed".
10h50 à 11h10 Crypto compliance: Risk and regulation As a startup founder, you make decisions about managing risk, and where to spend your hard-won dollars every day. Many founders know that ignoring compliance until they get a call from a regulator isn't a great strategy, but struggle to make sense of all of the rules. Let's discuss the unknowns.
11h10 à 11h30 Democracy Enhancing Technologies A fair and accurate tally of ballots is fundamental to democracy, and the secret ballot is integral to political freedom. Verifiable election systems use cryptography to provide a provably correct tally while maintaining the secrecy of each voter’s ballot, even if the voter is complicit in demonstrating how they voted. Jeremy will discuss their system, Scantegrity, which was used in the first fully-verifiable governmental election ever run.
11h30 à 12h00 The role reversal: The new startup / VC relationship in crypto When it comes to crypto it seems that raising capital means ICO, or does it? Jack Mallers and Alyse Killeen will chat about how VCs and startups are exploring new ways of building long lasting relationships to build crypto companies.
12h00 à 13:00 LUNCH It’s time to check out the amazing variety of food trucks on site!
13h00 à 13h20 The VC perspective: How do you sift through the noise to find the signal? presented by Alyse Killeen
13h20 à 13h40 Banking, blockchain and institutions: bridging the gap The talk will focus on the opportunities for institutions around blockchain and what institutions and companies in the public blockchain space can learn from each other.
13h40 à 14h00 Smart Contracts and their Applications Smart contracts are one of the most exciting features of blockchain technology, but their capabilities are often misunderstood. This talk will provide an explanation of how smart contracts work, and introduce examples of what they can be used for, including automating and streamlining complex financial agreements, running unstoppable decentralized applications, and building solutions like Lightning and Plasma that could scale public blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum to millions of transactions per second.
14h00 à 15h00 Ideation and creation: guided workshop session on the A-Z of implementing Blockchain into your business Blockchain means you can now prove that something is unique, what does that mean for your startup? How do you leverage blockchain technology? This guided workshop will give you the tools to implement Blockchain into your company.
15h00 à 15h30 BREAK Now that you’re inspired, it’s your chance to connect with the community!
15h30 à 16h30 Mining, Wallets and ICO's - what's is all about? 1. Mining 2. Installing, understanding and securing your wallet 3. Launching an ICO and the inherent problems
16h30 à 16h50 The Token Economy: Reinventing Money to Build a Better, Decentralized Future The Age of Blockchain Technology promises a new multi-currency era of programmable money and localized smart contracts that will help communities create new governance systems in alignment with their values and resource preservation needs. It could turn our system of value exchange into a solution for the "Tragedy of the Commons."
16h50 à 17h00 Closing statements Re-cap of the day and thank you's!