AIFest Journée Porte Ouverte c’est de l’intelligence artificielle pour tous

AIFest vous immerge dans le monde de l’IA, soit comment l’IA peut influencer votre startup, et ce que vous devez considérer lorsque vous concevez vos systèmes. AIFest Journée Porte Ouverte offre un point de vue plus accessible sur le monde de l’IA, et comment l’IA nous affecte tous.

Nous voulons vous donner autant d’informations utiles sur l’IA que possible. Nous couvrirons les sujets les plus importants entourant l’IA, comme les soins de santé, l’avenir du travail, les préjugés et l’IA pour le bien de la société. Il y aura des sessions interactives où nous allons co-créer autour de ces sujets importants, en vous donnant des conseils concrets et réalisables pour le futur. Vous aurez l’opportunité d’assister à des conférences où les experts travaillant sur le terrain partageront leurs apprentissages clés autour du travail qu’ils font. Les conférenciers et le contenu sont soigneusement sélectionnés afin que vous en tirer le plus de l’expérience AIFest.



10H - 10H 10 Welcome and recap What have we learned so far, welcome to the new arrivals
10H 10 - 10H 30 Tackling gender bias in AI Unfortunately we are living in a biased world. As humans we have biased opinions and we tend to make biased decisions. So when we develop AI models and feed them data, we have to be careful that we are neither simply confirming existing biases nor introducing new ones. Examples of biais are already there in our world, so if we dont take significant actions, we are at the risk of constructing machine intelligence that mirrors a narrow and privileged vision of society, with its old, familiar biases and stereotypes. In this talk, Women in AI's Dr. Hanan Salam will present examples of bias that exist in AI applications. She will tackle the question of gender bias in AI and how we can assure a clean, inclusive representation of the world of AI.
10H 30 - 10H 50 The Brilliant Future of AI and Healthcare AI is now in its third generation. The first two generations were premature and suffered from constraints of insufficient digital data substrates and computational power. Now that both of those constraints have disappeared, how do we leverage this exponential capability in EVERY aspect of healthcare delivery? Machine learning entrepreneurs are taking on every element of health, wellness, and disease with astonishing progress. While imaging is the simplest target with the earliest yields, I will describe how every step of the human life cycle, and every step of the healthcare delivery system lifecycle will be disrupted in the very near future and at scale. Amara’s Law states that visionaries tend to overestimate how quickly disruption will emerge, and underestimate the ultimate impact of new technologies. We are now well past the tipping point between hype and hyper-reality.
10H 50 - 11H 10 Terminator. The Matrix. Westworld. What do these have in common? We’re all familiar with the dystopian scenarios painted out in the pages of science fiction where humans fall prey to AI. But, how many of us are aware of the plethora of real-life uses of AI for Good and as a driver of positive societal change? This session will delve into the intersection of society and benevolent AI. We’ll discuss the many ways in which AI is already impacting education, healthcare, and the law, among other areas, today, including how Botler AI is using this transformative technology to empower the average citizen.
11H 10 - 11H 40 Conversational commerce Conversational Commerce is an opportunity to completely disrupt the way you interact with your customers. Using machine learning, natural language processing, and conversational analytics, this panel will introduce ways to engage your customers with chatbots, intelligent assistants, and virtual agents. Hear from experts that build these solutions on how you can take advantage of this new trend.
11H 40 - 12H The future of work means business must keeps pace with a dynamic market Dave Gray, Author of The Connected Company says this: "Customers are adopting disruptive technologies faster than your company can you adapt." Business Transformation is an inevitability. The market has already moved on but business today is mired in complacency, legacy systems and archaic processes. In the meantime, information and intelligence technology are moving at a faster pace. The future organization is connected to the market in real-time. It enables decision-making at all levels of the organization that is increasingly precise and effective. The future organization creates a culture of incessant learning that allows its employees to collaborate and innovate and iterate to maintain market relevancy. It will create new roles and opportunities for those who choose to evolve in an age of constant disruption.
12H - 12H 20 The future of customer service - how will AI drive the next wave of customer service - what does that mean for business models (and ethics) - what kind of skills are required to get there
12H 20 - 13H 40 LUNCH It's the time to check out the amazing variety of food trucks on site!
13H 40 - 15H 40 Round table discussions 1. Bias 2. The future of healthcare 3. AI for Good 4. Conversational commerce 5. The future of work 6. The future of finance 7. Spill-over Birds of a feather 8. Spill-over Birds of a feather
15H 40 - 16H 10 BREAK Now that you're inspired, it's your chance to connect with the community!
16H 10 - 16H 30 AI Ethics - what have we learned? Looking at the takeaways from the Thursday / Friday workshops, with a focus on probelm solving and tackling the biggest issues in AI Ethics
16H 30 - 16H 50 Past, Present and Next Generation of AI After over fifty years of evolution, AI has changed our thinking about innovation, hardware and software. Come learn more about the Enterprise AI successes with this disruptive technology. It is also causing transformation along its path of jobs, legal and social practice and violation of personal privacy. The AI adventure has just begun and come learn what the future holds.
16H 50 - 17H Thank you and wrap up Vaughn DiMarco and Partners