Meet the 5 startups taking the stage at AIFest!

C2RO Cloud Robotics


C2RO Cloud Robotics is a deep-tech software startup that offers the world’s 1st Cloud Robotics SaaS Platform (B2B) that uses cloud-based AI technologies to augment cognitive, and collaboration capabilities of service robots with a simple internet connection. Robots connected to the C2RO Cloud platform demonstrably increase business efficiency and improve the customer experience in retails, hotels, restaurants, airports, etc.



Vyrill helps brand marketers make sense of User Generated video content (UGC) on social media & leverage video intelligence for product marketing to drive product sales lift. Vyrill’s AI finds the best and worst video reviews for products from social web that impact product sales lift. Vyrill’s AI platform enables UGC video insights, licensing and content marketing tools for social commerce.




QuindiTech is a Montreal based company that develops AI-driven skin diseases recognition system and builds self-service health center empowered with AI analytics. Our kick-off product DeepSkin is an AI-driven dermatologist-level app to help people instantly recognize various skin diseases by simply taking a photo with your smartphone. Our mission is to develop intelligent self-service healthcare products to release the pressure of the strained medical resources and economize people’s time.



Producing hardware and software tools for controlled-environment agriculture production, Motorleaf develops artificial-intelligence tools that enables growers to monitor and control production and predict crop yields. Motorleaf’s platform provides a virtual agronomist assistant that guides growers in adjusting growing conditions so they can replicate grow protocols with precision.

Mikata Health


Mikata Health uses artificial intelligence to free up doctors and staff so they can focus on you. Our tools cut down scheduling, paperwork, and phone calls and make it easy for you to get personalized care when you need it.