The $100K Investment Prize

The $100k Investment Prize is the most coveted title at the event. We bring together a group of fantastic angel investors, and in a matter of 48 hours crown the title of the $100k Investment Prize winner. This prize is open to ANY startup at the event- no pre-registration required.

The Process

Startups have until end of day Thursday to pitch to any $100k Investor at the event, they’ll be wearing a judge badge and a BLUE lanyard- the complete list will be announced next month! 

Track them down onsite, or find them in the $100k Prize tent in the Tent Village Thursday, July 13th, from Noon-5pm.

Each judge will shortlist one startup by end of day Thursday.

The shortlisted startups will be contacted and invited to a private breakfast Friday morning where they pitch to the entire group of investors.

The winner(s) will be selected, and announced at the Friday afternoon ceremonies.



Q: Can I pitch for this on Friday?

A: No. You must pitch to an investor judge by end of day Thursday afternoon (this includes the Wednesday evening kickoff party). Friday morning only shortlisted startups will be invited to the breakfast.

Q: What if the terms of the note don’t exactly work for me?

A: These are the standard terms we base the investment on. PLEASE REVIEW the convertible note, and investor rights agreement, we will need you to confirm your intent to accept on these terms.

The Judges

The judges you need to impress? Stay tuned! We’ll release the complete list next month.

Phil Telio

Phil may have an engineering background, but this seasoned entrepreneur got a taste of the startup world fresh out of university. His journey started in the early 90s pre-internet era when he joined Public Technologies Multimedia—a startup that grew from a handful of people, to hundreds of people in just a few short years. Although he launched his career as a programmer, Phil was quickly drawn into the business side of startups and has pursued this vocation ever since. From PTM he joined Locus Dialogue, who was eventually bought by InfoSpace (another startup that grew quickly). In 2003 Phil decided to start his own chapter with Embrase, a business-consulting firm centered on bringing innovation to the enterprise market. Despite his 20+ years of executive experience driving strategic business development, his heart was always in startups so he created a series of events that have now come to be the largest events in Canada for entrepreneurs. Phil is also a board member of the Osmo Foundation and is the President and Chairman of the Montreal Startup Foundation. As the Founder of Startupfest, and the Elevator World Tour, Phil has invested in every one of the investment prizes- including Paris, and Tel Aviv.

Anna Goodson

Anna Goodson is the CEO & Founder of Anna Goodson Illustration Agency and MEATMARKET Photography.

Anna has spent the last 25 years working with creatives and promoting their work.  She’s passionate,  innovative and is considered a leader and trend setter in her field.

Having launched her first website back in 1996, Anna has always been interested in technology and is an active member of the Startup community in Montreal as well as a Mentor and Angel Investor.

A strong promoter of women entrepreneurs, Anna hopes to inspire other young women to follow their dreams of starting a business.

She believes that freedom doesn’t have a price tag and that balance is the key to real success and happiness in life

Anna is a passionate entrepreneur and is an active member of Montreal’s  Startup community and for the fourth consecutive year, she will sit on the Jury of Startupfest.